Evaluating Your Counseling Program – Student Surveys

As the end of the year approaches, it’s important that we evaluate school counseling programs to make sure students are receiving the best services possible. One way to do that is by giving surveys to students!

1st-4th Grade Lesson Palooza

So, I tried to give this survey a fun sounding name so get the kids energized about a somewhat boring task, and it worked because when I announced in a very excited voice that they would be participating in LESSON PALOOZA to help me out, the students got really pumped up about it {another reason I love working with kids}. The worksheet I gave them has space for them to rank each lesson I did with their class that year. I listed all lessons at the bottom of the page and reviewed each choice with the group.

I then later collected their responses and recorded them in a spreadsheet. This let me know what lessons were really enjoyed by the group so I knew whether or not I should repeat them the following year, and it also told me the types of activities that grade level liked so I can use that in designing their lessons for the following year.


5th-7th Grade Evaluation Survey

I gave a more in-depth survey to my middle school students, evaluating me as a counselor, the counseling lessons for the year, and counseling small group experiences. This gave me a lot of valuable information and told me any areas that I needed to improve.


I used that information when I got some work done over the summer. Check out my post on using the summer break to get stuff done!



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