Small Groups and Programming

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Lunch Bunch Overview

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Families in Transition (FIT) Small Group

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Reading Together: A Parent Volunteer Program

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Counselor’s Corner: My Presence in the Weekly School Newsletter

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Borrowed Lunch Bunch Activities {Part I}

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Families in Transition (FIT) Small Group – 3rd & 4th Activities

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The Middle School Anti-Labeling and Anti-Judging Project

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Test-Taking Skills/Testing Anxiety Small Group Workshops

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#kindforthesummer Interactive Bulletin Board

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Odd Girl Speaks Out Small Group Series Part I: Sessions 1 & 2


Odd Girl Speaks Out Small Group Series Part II: Session 3


Odd Girl Speaks Out Small Group Series Part III: Sessions 4 & 5


Reading Together Parent Volunteer Group Part II: Calli Be Gold


How I Celebrated National School Counseling Week 2017


4th Grade Kindness Challenge


Small Group Termination Activity – Reflection Book

Evaluating Your Program–Student Surveys

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