Counselor’s Corner: My Presence in the School Newsletter

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Every week, my school e-mails a newsletter to all parents/guardians to keep them informed of school activities, deadlines, and any other information they need. As you know if you’ve read my post about carpool duty, I am a huge believer that a school counselor should be visible on campus. I wanted to have a presence that extended off campus as well, so I decided to begin my own column, which I call “Counselor’s Corner,” in the school newsletter.

Comprehensive school counseling programs are designed to reach every single student, not only those with problems, which is a reason we implement large group classroom lessons. So, why not extend the same logic to the parents? Through my “Counselor’s Corner” column, I reach every parent who reads the newsletter, not just those I help with a problem. The parents know who I am even if we have never personally met, and they are reminded every week that there is someone at school to assist them and their children.

Sometimes I pull ideas and quotes from parenting articles, other times I give book recommendations, but my writing is always geared toward things that are beneficial for parents to know. Here are some topics I’ve included in this year’s “Counselor’s Corner” column:

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I often relate my pieces back to what I am doing with the children at school so the parents stay informed and can reinforce important concepts at home. For example, this month, I am doing lessons on bullying and kindness in the lower grades and cyberbullying and cyber safety in the middle grades. My newsletter columns this month are about teaching empathy to children, keeping kids safe online, and the differences between bullying and normal peer conflict. The parents and children receive a lot of the same information with the same vocabulary in hopes that they will talk about these things at home.

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I constantly receive positive feedback about this piece of my counseling program. Almost every time I meet a parent for the first time, I get a comment about how much they appreciate my column in the newsletter. Even though it can sometimes be difficult to write something every week in the midst of the hustle and bustle of all of the other things I need to get accomplished, I know that the parents are happy {and sometimes even impressed} that I take the time to reach out to them on a weekly basis.

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