Goal Setting Bulletin Board {Quidditch Themed}


Continuing with my Harry Potter bulletin board theme for the year, I created a Quidditch themed board about goal setting. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, I hope you’ll catch some of the subtle references and plays on words throughout the board.

{To see my other Harry Potter themed bulletin board, check out that post here.}

I made things easier on myself by using the same background and boarders that were already up from my first bulletin board of the year {which is why the colors look so similar to the other one}. Then, I simply added the new pieces on top. Here is what I included on this bulletin board:



This is a great way to introduce the idea of SMART goals to the entire school without doing a single lesson. I will be building upon this in the classrooms, but if you are crunched for time, a bulletin board is an effective medium to get a message across to your students.

I’m more than happy to share the files for this bulletin board with anyone who wants them. Just ‘like’ The School Counselor Life on Facebook, then e-mail theschoolcounselorlife@gmail.com to request the document. Thanks for reading!



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