How I Celebrated National School Counseling Week This Year


Happy National School Counseling Week!!

I love this opportunity every year to advocate for our wonderful profession. This week, my school also happens to be undergoing a re-accreditation process, so I wasn’t able to do quite as much as I would have liked, but I’m happy with the bit of celebrating I was able to do. Here are two things I’m doing for #NSCW2017:

Teacher’s Lounge Treats


To kick things off, I put a basket of treats in the teacher’s lounge, and I attached a sign to the treats expressing my thanks to the teachers {this also allowed me to humble brag about how much the school counseling program has accomplished so far this year.}


School Counseling Infographic

I posted this wonderful infographic from ASCA describing the school counselor’s role in the lounge as well as outside of my office.


I hope you enjoyed my modest attempt at advocating for the role of school counselors. I’d love to do more for next year’s National School Counseling Week, so comment below with your ideas!!



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