Kindergarten Lesson on Good Manners and Bingo Organization


Happy Thursday, everybody! Today I will be sharing a lesson I use with my Kindergarten classes on good manners. Since the lesson includes a bingo game, I thought it would also be helpful to tell you about my storage and organization ideas for bingo.

Classroom Lesson

I begin the class by asking students to tell me examples of good manners. Then, I read the book Manners at School by Carrie Finn.

Then, to reinforce the good manners that were shown in the book, we play a game of good manners bingo {you can find the game cards in my TPT store here}.


Since there aren’t many spaces on these bingo cards, I tell the class my “special” way of playing the game. If a student gets a bingo FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, he or she can stand up and do a 5 second happy dance before sitting back down and raising his or her hand. Then, I will call on each student with a first time bingo, and he or she gets to tell the class a favorite good manner. Students do not clear cards when someone wins bingo, and we keep playing until everybody gets blackout together {stopping to talk about each good manner as they are called out}. If students get more than one bingo, they don’t do anything except smile 🙂 This way of playing minimizes students yelling out and talking over one another. When we all get blackout, the entire class does a “bingo blackout dance,” in which the students can dance however they like as long as they are still close by their chairs. The kindergarten students have SO much fun with this!

Bingo Organization

Now onto the bingo organization! As you may know if you read my bookshelf organization post, I keep my different sets of bingo cards in plastic zippered folders I found at the dollar store, and I top them off with a label I printed out {pictured above}.

My favorite organization tip for bingo games actually came from a 1st grade teacher at my school. She recommended that I put bingo markers in individual sandwich bags so that each student has his or her own to use during the game. This makes handing out the supplies and cleaning up at the end a lot easier. I made enough bags for each student in the largest class in the school to have one, so I know I have enough no matter what class I’m working with.

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One thought on “Kindergarten Lesson on Good Manners and Bingo Organization

  1. Tanya says:

    I like your rules for expressing that a bingo and blackout was fun to do a happy dance! I will be doing a career bingo game with 1st graders next month and am going to use your suggestions. Thanks!


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