My Must-Have School Day Accessories

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 3.48.24 PM

  1. Lanyard – My work BFF, who is the School Librarian, gave me this Disney Princess lanyard, and I use it everyday at school {of course she has a matching one with Belle on it}. She was a cast member at Disney World for a year, and these lanyards are exclusive to Disney cast members {which gives us tons of “street cred” with the kiddos}. Since I am constantly in and out of my office, it is so handy to have my keys around my neck during the school day. I can lock my office so my case notes are properly protected without carrying my keys in my hands every time I leave the room.
  1. Sunglasses – My sunglasses are a must-have for the school day, especially on days I go out to recess to observe children. I also have carpool duty every day after school {oh, the joy}, so proper eyewear is crucial on sunny days. I found these Marc Jacobs sunglasses on ebay for about $30 {score!}
  1. BKR Water Bottle – A goal of mine this year is to drink more water throughout the day, as it seems I am perpetually de-hydrated. BKR Bottles are my favorite. They’re made of glass, can go in the dishwasher, and hold a decent amount of water {mine holds 16oz, but they have larger sizes}. Check it out here.
  1. FitBit – I absolutely love my FitBit! As someone who values being active, my FitBit helps me keep track of how much I am moving throughout the day. Some days I feel as if I am literally running laps around the school, while other days I know I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk or with a student. On my more sedentary days, my FitBit is a great reminder to get up and move, and if my step count is low, I will take a quick break to do a walk around of my school {which is also great to observe students in the classroom}.
  1. Bag – A large, sturdy bag is an essential work accessory for me. I personally love this bag from Wilson’s Leather because it has enough space for files and my laptop, which is great for days I need to bring a lot of work home with me. I found the bag pictured above at the Wilson’s Leather outlet for $35 {it also came with a crossbody bag inside of the large bag}, but they have it in white and black on their website right now for $65 {normally $160}. View here.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 8.12.23 PM


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