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The day I accepted the counselor position at my current school, I was brought to my soon-to-be office to meet with the previous counselor. Based on other schools I’ve worked in and visited, I wasn’t expecting much – just enough room for a couple of chairs and a desk – but much to my surprise, I was led to an office with enough space to not only have individual sessions, but to hold my small group sessions as well! {See below}


The amount of space I was given was an amazing thing, but it was also a lot of space to decorate, which was a little intimidating. As you’ve probably noticed from my other posts, I have a severe Pinterest addiction, so of course I sifted though pins and pins of office ideas. I adopted a few things I saw and created plenty of my own, so I thought I would give you all a tour of my office to hopefully inspire you as you create a safe, warm, and welcoming space for the students at your school.




My door has quite a few decorations, which I think makes my office more approachable. I used this free printable to create the word “Counselor” at the top of my door and I downloaded the ‘Keep Calm’ font to make the “Keep Calm and See the School Counselor” sign.

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As many of you have probably seen on other blogs, I created my own “Where is the Counselor?” sign using Word, so that the students can find me easily. The kids have told me over and over how much they like being able to know where I am at all times {sometimes I wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing lol}.



On the wall next to my door, I have a box with student referral slips. I created the sign in Word using  this free frame from The 3am Teacher and the following free fonts: Supernova, All of Me, and Skinny Latte.


Finally, I included the exceptions to confidentiality on my door, paired with a cute bird cutout from the Educator store. I honestly can’t remember if I made the confidentiality sign myself in Word or if I found in on Pinterest {oops!}.




The main space of my office is where I conduct individual and small group sessions. I have 11 bean bag chairs that I pull into a big circle in this space when I have groups, and I’m kind of in love with the fact that I get to spend a large portion of my work day sitting in a cozy bean bag chair. I used this free printable to create my “Counseling Nook” sign, and I hung it using ribbon from the dollar store.



The final section of my office contains my desk, my bookshelf, and an area for parents to sit {although some parents, like me, prefer to sit in the bean bag chairs}. On my back wall, I put up these great “Sometimes I Feel…” posters I found on Amazon.



Soon I’ll be writing a separate post giving you a tour of my bookshelf and how it’s organized.


Well, that’s the tour! I hope this gave you a few more ideas of how to set up and decorate your own office. Comment on this post if you would like to share your own ideas on office decoration!

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