Borrowed Lunch Bunch Activities {Part I}

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To read more about how I run Lunch Bunch sessions at my school, visit my Lunch Bunch Overview post.

School counselors use Lunch Bunch groups for a variety of reasons. I implement Lunch Bunch groups at my school to build peer relations, strengthen the student-counselor relationship, and increase self-awareness. I’ve found some truly great activities that allow those goals to be met while the girls have fun and engage in meaningful conversation. Below you will find some of my favorite borrowed activities to use in Lunch Bunch.

(1) “I Am…” Spirals


This lesson from The Middle School Counselor {link to original post here} gives students the opportunity to know more about their classmates and to know more about how they define themselves. Each girl writes the following facts about herself in a spiral shape: (1) I am… {for this I had each participant write at least 3 adjectives describing herself} (2) My Dream Job (3) Favorite Subject (4) Favorite Color (5) My Hobbies (6) What Makes Me Unique (6) How I Will Change the World.  Each student then shares her creation with the group, and we discuss our unique qualities.


(2) My 3 Words

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The next Lunch Bunch activity I want to share with you all comes from JYJ Counselor Blog {link here}. Each student is given a piece of construction paper and is instructed to come up with a 3 words phrase that has meaning to her or that are words to live by.  The girls came up with some great 3 word phrases, and they enjoyed this activity so much that many of them asked to make more than one!



(3) Grateful Turkeys


Here’s another great activity from The Middle School Counselor! This “10 Things I Am Grateful For” Lunch Bunch lesson worked so well for my groups during the month of November. We talked about gratefulness, and the girls made their own construction paper turkeys with 10 things they are grateful for {one written on each “feather”}. Check out the original post {link here} for instructions on how to make the turkeys!


(4) Declaration of Intention


I bought and copied {this} declaration of intention page for my Lunch Bunch girls to use during our January groups. We talked about New Year’s resolutions and how they often aren’t kept, then I introduced the concept setting intentions for themselves. Instead of focusing on things like giving up candy or exercising more, the girls filled out this page with things that describe the type of person they want to be this year. My students were very creative when they completed the form, and some of them even keep the page in the front sleeve of their binders to remember what they wrote {which I love!}.

Thanks to all of the amazing school counseling bloggers out there who share their ideas! Stayed tuned for Part II!


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