Lunch Bunch Overview


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If you’re a school counselor and you’ve been on Pinterest, then I’m sure you’ve heard about the Lunch Bunch craze sweeping our schools. Last year, I jumped on the Lunch Bunch bandwagon, and I’ve found this small group to be SO beneficial for the 5th grade girls to whom I offer it.

Since I already see every Middle School student in a small group {I’ll post more on this later}, I decided to limit Lunch Bunch to the 5th grade girls at my school. The transition of beginning Middle School coupled with the intense drama that seems to appear in this grade, Lunch Bunch in my school best serves these girls.

I hold one Lunch Bunch group every Wednesday during our recess and lunch time {spanning about 40 minutes}. Every month, I post a sign up sheet outside my office with 7-8 available spaces per week. Each girl may sign up for one slot during the month, and this program is completely voluntary {although I never have blank spaces on my sign up sheets, which is amazing}.


The day before a Lunch Bunch group, I pass out a slip to each girl reminding her to bring her lunch to school the next day. I personalize each reminder slip by decoratively writing the girls’ names on them, which they love {see above photo}.

Since I only have enough space for each girl to come once a month, I choose a different activity/topic every month {which is much easier than trying to develop a new session every week}. We begin each Lunch Bunch session with a check in, where each girl says a POW {something bad/not great that happened that day}, a WOW {something good/exciting that happened that day}, and what she brought for lunch. I typically dedicate the first 15-20 to discussing anything relevant to what’s going on in their lives that week while the students eat their lunches, then the rest of the time is used for activities, games, and targeted discussions.

The students truly love this small group, and it is a great opportunity for me to continue to build rapport with these girls.

Stay tuned for some of my favorite Lunch Bunch activities I’ve created or borrowed! I’ll be posting them soon on the blog.


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