Career Lesson Series Part II: Personality & Career Choice

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Career Lesson Series Part I: Job Portraits

In my 5th grade career lesson, I talk with my students about the different variables that might influence their future career choices. Typical responses include things like how much money they want to make, what they like to do, and what they are good at — all of which are influenced by personality.

The class completes a watered-down version of the Meyers-Briggs called the Color Quiz {check out the one I use here}.  When the quizzes are complete, students break off into groups according to their color {click here for the results segment of the color quiz}, which pairs them with others who have a similar personality type. Each group is then given a list of careers that match well with the personality types in their group to discuss. I created the lists based on this website.

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We come back together as a class to talk about the results — some think their career recommendations are spot on, and others are outraged that their lists suggest they would make good accountants. I use those examples to reinforce that there are many factors that go into choosing a career and that just because a test says they should consider a certain career, that isn’t always what they should do.

If there is time, I finish the lesson by reading the descriptions for each specific personality type {found in the results document linked above}. It really is amazing to see how well the personality types fit the children {& how well mine fits me!}.

Career Lesson Series Part III: Career Gender Stereotypes


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