Career Lesson Series Part IV: Career Research

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Before my 7th graders leave for high school, I want them to have one more tool in their career toolboxes…how to find more information on careers. In order to achieve this, I use the online game Drive of Your Life.

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In this game, students are asked questions about the things they like and the types of tasks they would be interested in doing as part of a career. For every group of questions answered, students get to design a piece of their car in the game.

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Once all questions have been answered, each student receives a breakdown of his/her top 3 personality characteristics.

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Students then get to choose their own license plate before heading to the career research section of the game.

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Based on the questions answered earlier, students are provided with a list of careers that may interest them. They can also search for careers that are not on the recommended list.

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They are then prompted to choose their top 5 career choices, which will be the interstate exits on their “drive.” Before choosing, students can click on careers for a brief synopsis.

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Once they “drive” to a career, students can explore that career much more thoroughly, finding information on education requirements, work hazards, daily tasks, etc.

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I let the students research different career choices on Drive of Your Life until the last 15 minutes of class. Then, we come back as a group, and they get a chance to share with their classmates any interesting things they learned about careers.

My 7th graders really seemed to enjoy this game, and I think it is a wonderful introduction to researching information on careers.

Tomorrow’s post will be the last in this career series and will focus on my borrowed career lessons!

Career Lesson Series Part V: Borrowed Career Lessons


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