My Complete School Counselor Planner Book

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Updated May 2017: The 2017-2018 Planner is up on TpT, AND there is a 2nd design to choose from!

Click here for the Black, White, and Marble Themed 2017-2018 Planner

Click here for the Mint and Gold Themed 2017-2018 Planner

I am seriously so excited about this post! Since the end of last school year, I’ve been working on creating a planner that has everything a school counselor would need, and I think the result is a beautiful, complete planner book for school counselors.

If you’re already sold, head over to my TPT store to purchase the planner! {If you need a little more convincing, keep reading for a tour of the planner and assembly instructions.}





The planner begins with a cover page, complete with an inspirational quote on the back of the cover {admit it, this is pretty darn cute so far!}

Year-at-a-Glance and Monthly Calendars

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The next section includes a year-at-a-glance calendar, as well as monthly calendars for August 2016-July 2017. Each monthly calendar has space at the bottom for you to record your goals for that month.

Weekly Calendar and To-Do List Pages

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This is probably the part I’m most excited to use this school year. Each week has the days divided by time {which is perfect for recording/scheduling appointments} as well as to-do list pages. The to-do list page is segmented into the following categories: Students to See, Parent Communication, Print/Copy/Laminate, Ongoing Projects, and Other To-Do.

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Large and Small Group Curriculum Log/Planner

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This section gives you space to record or plan your classroom lessons and small group sessions.


Book List, Important Contacts, & Looking Ahead

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There have been many times I’ve gotten a recommendation to read a book or article, but I either didn’t write it down, or it got lost on a random slip of paper floating around my office. In this planner, you will have designated space to record any books, articles, or resources you want to check out in the future.

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There is plenty of space for you to keep your important contacts.


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Finally, this section contains space for you to jot down future ideas or goals for your school counseling program.


Professional Development & Notes

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The final segment of this planner is a professional development tracker and space for notes.

Assembly Instructions

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Once I printed all of my pages {double sided}, I took them to Office Depot and had them spiral bound {which cost about $4}. I also bought clear tabs from OD to make it easier to find each section.

I hope you enjoy this planner! Remember to head over to my TPT store to purchase {I am also more than willing to make custom pages if you have a request…e-mail if you are interested in custom pages.}

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