Odd Girl Speaks Out Small Group Series Part II: Session 3


Last week, I shared the first 2 sessions of my 5th grade girls small group based on the book Odd Girl Speaks Out by Rachel Simmons. Continuing the series, today I will be writing about the third session of this group.

If you missed Part I of the series, check it out here!

Just like in sessions 1 and 2, I start off with a check-in, which consists of our “pows” and “wows.” A “pow” is a bad or disappointing thing that has happened recently, and a “wow” is a good or exciting thing that has happened. This allows me to quickly check in with students and assess how they are doing, while giving them an opportunity to learn more about their peers.

Middle School Girls 5th Grade Small Group – Odd Girl Speaks Out – Session 3

Session #3

  1. Check-Ins
  2. Review group rules
  3. Read “The Sound of Silence” from Odd Girl Speaks Out {pg. 100} — This story is all about how to handle a fight with a friend {or with a group of friends}, and the author shares concrete tactics girls can use when they are experiencing a conflict with their peers. A subsection titled “Losing Trust” emphasizes the importance of having the support and friendship of other girls. Women tend to claw their way over other women to get to the top, while men tend to help each other out, thus increasing their chances of succeeding {particularly in the workforce}. This section breaks down the reasons behind that and how to stop girls from tearing each other down to get ahead. Girl power!
  4. Break students into dyads to answer the following questions {I normally print these questions on slips of paper to give to the pairs as they talk to each other}:
    • Have you ever been shut out by a group of friends? What did that feel like? What did you do?
    • What are some things the author suggested to do when you are feelings hurt from a fall out with a friend?
    • What is something a friend could do that would completely break your trust?
    • Why do you think it is important to build healthy relationships with other girls?
    • What are qualities you look for in a friend?
  5. Discuss answers as a group, and discuss the following quote:
    • “If you stay convinced girls will hurt you, it’s like opening your wound again and again.”
  6. Summarize the main points of the session, and close out.

Check back next week for my final post of this series, which will include the final 2 sessions of the Odd Girl Speaks Out small group.



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