Small Group Termination Activity – Reflection Book

This year, I created a new termination activity for my 5th grade girls small groups. The girls really seemed to enjoy this, and I thought it was a great way to reflect on the group and to assess what impact it had on my students.

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My inspiration for this activity originated in the dollar section of Target {where most wonderful things in life happen}. I found these blank books, which were only $3 for a set of 8, and I immediately began to brainstorm how I could use them with my students.

After processing the end of group, I gave each student a blank square of cardstock. The girls then decorated their names in the center of the cards, and wrote one thing they remembered from group and one thing they liked about group. The girls were told that their creations would be glued into a book to commemorate our time together. I made the card pictured below as a guide.

After the girls finished making their cards, they shared what they wrote with the group. We then decorated the cover of the book, and each girl signed her name. I later glued all of the cards into the book.


It was extremely rewarding to hear that our time as a group made a difference for so many of the girls, and I really liked giving the students this opportunity to reflect on group and how far they have come this school year.


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