3 Apps for Organization & Productivity

Once the school year starts, it can be particularly difficult to organize your professional and personal life, so today I will be sharing my favorite 3 apps that I use to stay organized and to increase productivity!


1. Done



My favorite app of all time is called Done. As a goal-oriented person, I love having a place to track my daily, weekly, and monthly goals on my phone. This app is designed to build positive habits or decrease negative ones, and you can customize how often you work toward meeting those goals.


2. One List

If you love to have a to-do list with you at all times, this is one of the better electronic ones I have found. You can give each item on your list a level of priority {low, medium, high, or urgent}, and you can set due dates that automatically switch priority level as the date approaches.


3. Headspace


For me, an important part of staying productive is managing my stress levels. Once I reach a certain level of anxiety or stress, I am no longer as effective in getting things done, so that is usually when I use the Headspace app. Headspace offers short, no-fuss guided meditations. The first 10 are free, and there are more you can buy {although I just use the same 10 because they work well for me}.

Comment below with your favorite apps for organization!


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