Moving Offices and Being Flexible

School counseling requires a lot of flexibility, and this year, I had to use those skills when I was told my office would be moving to a different building in a smaller space. I’m excited to share my experience moving offices and show you what changes I’ve made to my office layout and decor!

Even though the idea of packing up my office at the end of last year was overwhelming, my move was a positive experience overall. The best part is that I was able to purge everything I didn’t need, which helped me when I was organizing my new space. There was a lot of stuff left over from the previous counselor, and when I took over the office, I didn’t know what I could get rid of, so I just kept everything {even some files and workbooks from the 90s!}. The move was a perfect excuse to sift through those items and, with the help of my principal, figure out what to toss.


I labeled and numbered all of my boxes and created a reference page with all of that information because (1) I am an extremely type A person and (2) I was paranoid something would go missing in the move.


I started getting a little nervous when my furniture wasn’t in my office the week before school started, but it all worked out, and I am so happy with the way it turned out! Here is what my office looks like now:

{^ My intern’s desk}



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