My Favorite FREE Printable Rapport-Building Board Games

I like to have simple board games on hand for individual sessions, especially when I am pulling students who didn’t ask to see me themselves {but rather were referred by their parents or teachers}. The games I’ll share with you today are great ways to build rapport with students while gathering more information.

  1. Tell Me About… Board Game by Games for Learning

This is one of my favorite games to get to know students better and help them feel comfortable in my office. Each space includes a favorite thing that the player who lands on it shares with the other players. To make the game last longer, I play by flipping a coin instead of using a die. If the coin lands on heads, the player moves one space forward, and if it lands on tails, the player moves two spaces. You can download the game here.

2. Emotions Board Game by Life Over C’s

This game not only helps build rapport but also teaches students to identify and express their emotions. Students get to match facial expressions with different feelings, and they have the opportunity to share times they have felt angry, sad, happy, and scared. To read more about this game and download it for free, click here.

3. School Days Ups & Downs by Play Therapy Works

This game is a CBT take on Chutes and Ladders, and it gives students an opportunity to talk about struggles they face at school and to think through hypothetical situations others may experience. Students are asked to identify feelings and reframe thoughts throughout the game. You can download the game for free here!

These are the top 3 games I use to build rapport with my students that help me gather information without the child feeling intimidated by traditional talk therapy. Enjoy!


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