Weekly Data Report Log

I received so many requests for my monthly data spreadsheet that I decided to share my weekly data collection with you as well! I found that collecting data on a weekly basis makes it much easier to manage, and the system I use ensures I maintain my case notes in a timely manner.

{School Counselor Monthly Data Reports}

As described in my post on scheduling sessions with individual students, I log every session, parent communication, and meeting in my planner. When I write my case notes {which I typically do first thing on Monday morning for the previous week}, I go back to my planner, and write my notes for sessions, phone calls, and meetings. Once I’ve written all of my case notes, I use that information to add to my weekly data spreadsheet.

As you can see in the pictures above, I track the following information each week:

  • Classroom lessons
  • Individual sessions, along with the breakdown of topics
  • Small group sessions
  • Speech/accommodations meetings
  • Parent meetings
  • Parent e-mails
  • Parent phone calls

This year, I’ve created a section to track my intern’s individual sessions as well.

I’m able to utilize this spreadsheet when I create my monthly report, but it is exceptionally helpful when I pull together my annual data report for each school year. If you’d like a blank version of my weekly data spreadsheet, ‘like’ The School Counselor Life on Facebook, and e-mail theschoolcounselorlife@gmail.com !


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