Lesson on Positivity Using the Energy Bus for Kids

Today I will be introducing a lesson I used with my 3rd graders on the impact of positive energy. The kiddos responded SO well to this lesson, and I’m excited to share it with you all!

The lesson is based on the book, The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon {such an amazing read if you’re looking for a new book!}, which has a version for children too. I begin by reading The Energy Bus for Kids to the class. This book follows the character George as he navigates school using the 5 rules of the energy bus, given to him by his bus driver, Joy.

5 Rules of the Energy Bus:

  1. Create a positive vision
  2. Fuel your ride with positive energy
  3. No bullies allowed
  4. Love your passengers
  5. Enjoy the ride

Even though this book is on the longer side {I probably wouldn’t use it with students below 3rd grade}, the kids were engaged the entire time and were able to tell me all 5 energy bus rules at the end. I also used this time to discuss the differences between bullying an meanness, as it connected to the ‘no bullies allowed’ rule.

I found a lot of wonderful supplementary activities and resources on http://www.energybusforkids.com, including a blank energy bus license plate the students could fill with positive energy. My students completed this activity, and they were so excited to share their positive license plates with the class.

I think that the idea of positive energy and the way it’s presented in this book ties in nicely to CBT concepts, in that changing your mindset can change your mood, so I explained that to my class on a 3rd grade level. Most of them seemed to get it, and one student even said, “So, it’s like we have superpowers to change our feelings by changing our thoughts?? Cool!” <- why I have serious job love 

I hope you enjoyed this lesson! Comment below with any lesson topics you’d like to see on The School Counselor Life Blog!


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