Classroom Lesson Newsletter for Parents

It’s so important to keep our stakeholders up to date on what we are doing as school counselors, especially when it comes to parents. I keep the parents at my school informed in a number of ways, including contributing to the school newsletter {Counselor’s Corner: My Presence in the Weekly School Newsletter}, providing a counseling program brochure {Marketing Your Program & Advocating for Your Profession}, and distributing a monthly newsletter about my classroom lessons.

At the end of every month, I send home a newsletter to parents that describes every lesson I presented in the classroom that month. I divide the lessons by grade level, but parents receive the same newsletter regardless of the grade level of their child. This way, parents can see the developmental nature of the counseling program, in that lessons build on each other from year to year {i.e. I present coping skills lessons in almost every grade, but the actual lessons vary based on developmental factors}.

I use the “Newsletter Capsules Design” template in Word as my base, which is really user friendly. Here is what a typical newsletter looks like for me:

The teachers at my school also see these newsletters because they send them home with the students, which shows the faculty a little more of what I do. I’ve had many teachers approach me saying things like, “I had no idea how many different topics you present on each month!” and “Wow- all of your lessons build on the previous year’s…I didn’t know that!” *cue major feelings of validation*

My administrators receive these newsletters as well, which led to them including one in our prospective student admissions packet.

If you would like a copy of my newsletter template, either leave a comment on this post or e-mail Make sure you ‘like’ The School Counselor Life on Facebook so you never miss out on new content!



12 thoughts on “Classroom Lesson Newsletter for Parents

  1. Ann-Marie says:

    Thank-you for sharing all your knowledge and for helping me to embark as a new counsellor! I appreciate your hard work and that you are willing to share your resources! Please send me a copy of your newsletter template and I will be sure to check you out at your posts on *The School Counselor Life* on Facebook! Thanks once again 🙂


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